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photo of a postpartum awareness group eventThere were many times during Amanda’s longest days that she couldn’t imagine being whole again, but she recovered with the help of advocates who fought for her recovery.  Now, she invites you to learn more about advocacy efforts for maternal mental health issues.


a group of postpartum awareness advocatesClimb Out of the Darkness (COTD) – Held on the longest day of the year to symbolize how long our days of depression and anxiety are, COTD is an international event that grows bigger every year. Organized as the annual fundraiser for Postpartum Progress, teams of all sizes gather together to climb and share how their lives have been impacted by their maternal mental health disorders.


The first Climb Out of the Darkness event was held in 2013, and Amanda has joined the Raleigh Team for 2014, 2015, and 2016’s Climbs. In 2015 and 2016 she was a co-leader for the Raleigh-Durham team, working with incredible sisters PPD/PPA recovery.


maternal mental health warrior moms and supportersWarrior Mom Conference – Although she had to miss its inaugural year, Amanda will be participating in the second annual Warrior Mom Conference in October 2016 as a Golden Ticket recipient for having personally fundraised over $2,000 for the Raleigh-Durham 2015 Climb Out of the Darkness team. The Warrior Mom conference brings together survivors, practitioners, and professionals working in the maternal mental health field. As a Warrior Mom Ambassador®, Amanda is proud to be among a group of “sisters” who all can share their survival stories and provide a resource for postpartum mothers.


Postpartum Support International’s Annual Conference – This annual conference is a chance for professionals working in the field of maternal mental health to come together to discuss research, practice, and advances in care for postpartum mothers. Amanda was able to attend this conference in 2014 as a representative of Postpartum Education and Support, a North Carolina based nonprofit, where she has volunteered since 2013.

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